Rwanda Business UK


Michaelle Kubwimana

Network Director
As the Network Director at Rwanda Business UK, Michaelle Kubwimana brings her extensive expertise in building and managing professional networks. With a strong understanding of the importance of effective networking in business growth, Michaelle is responsible for developing and nurturing strategic relationships with businesses, professionals, and organisations in Rwanda and the UK. She ensures that Rwanda Business UK’s network remains strong, vibrant, and conducive to fostering partnerships and collaborations.

Ivan Nyagatare

Marketing Director
Ivan Nyagatare serves as the Marketing Director at Rwanda Business UK, utilising his skills in marketing and communication. He plays a vital role in enhancing the organisation’s visibility and brand reputation. Ivan leads the development and execution of marketing strategies that effectively promote Rwanda Business UK’s services, events, and initiatives. With a keen eye for strategic positioning and effective messaging, his efforts ensure that the organisation reaches its target audience, establishing Rwanda Business UK as a valuable resource for businesses in Rwanda and the UK.

Isaac Alabi

Operations Director
Isaac Alabi is responsible for overseeing Rwanda Business UK’s smooth operations and processes as the Operations Director. With his strong operational management skills, Isaac ensures the efficient functioning of the organisation’s logistical, administrative, and technological aspects. By implementing best practices and optimising internal processes, he enables Rwanda Business UK to provide seamless services to its members, partners, and stakeholders, contributing to the overall effectiveness and success of the organisation.

Jabo Butera

Membership Director
Jabo Butera holds the role of Membership Director at Rwanda Business UK, focusing on cultivating and engaging a strong membership base. With a deep understanding of the needs and benefits of members, Jabo leads efforts to attract new members and enhance the experience of existing ones. By providing valuable resources, networking opportunities, and personalised support, Jabo ensures that Rwanda Business UK’s members receive the utmost value from their membership, contributing to the organisation’s growth and continued success.
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