Rwanda Business UK

Donate Time and Resources

Rwanda Business UK greatly appreciates the support and contribution of individuals and organisations who share our mission and want to make a difference. There are several ways you can donate your time and resources to support our initiatives:

Volunteer Opportunities

If you have valuable skills, expertise, or time to spare, we welcome volunteers who are passionate about our cause and can contribute to our programs and events. Please contact us at to discuss potential volunteering opportunities.

Strategic Partnerships

We are always open to forming partnerships with organisations aligning with our mission and values. If your organisation is interested in collaborating with Rwanda Business UK, please contact us at to explore potential synergies.


Financial contributions help us sustain and expand our programs and initiatives. Your donations can make a significant impact on our ability to support businesses, promote entrepreneurship, and foster economic growth. To donate, please contact us at

Your support enables us to continue creating a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and business growth between Rwanda and the United Kingdom. We appreciate every contribution, big or small, and value your commitment to making a difference through Rwanda Business UK.
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